Why I Love Balayage Hair

why i love balayagewhy i love balayagewhy i love balayagewhy i love balayageHair by Ruth at STRÖM

Balayage has been my go to hairstyle for about 2 years now, it has really helped my hair get back to tip top health plus it looks super natural, beachy and amazing! I thought i would share just a couple of reasons why i love balayage technique :

It suits everyone – If you find the right person they can work their magic and give your hair a unique balayage make over, seriously balayage is subtle but affective so it’s perfect for any age and any hairstyle be it long or short!

It saves you money – It’s a low maintenance hairstyle. It looks good and it grows out natural so you are in a completely in control of how often you top up your balayage. Talk about a win win situation!

The possibilities are endless – Even though most of the balayage you will see will be super natural, It doesn’t have to be. You can make it as bold as you like! If you love bold colours you can transfer the technique into whatever colours you like; blondes, caramels, pinks, oranges, blues… you think it you can achieve it.

So thats just a couple of reasons why i love balayage. I can’t see me changing up my hair from balayage it’s just so natural and super low maintenance so it really is my perfect hairstyle!

Do you love balayage hair?

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