How To Style A Denim Jacket

How To Style A Denim JacketHow To Style A Denim Jacket How To Style A Denim Jacket

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Lets face it a denim jacket is the PERFECT spring/summer jacket. They are lightweight, super versatile and they go with pretty much any outfit! So i thought i would share 4 easy ways in which i like to style a denim jacket:

Pop of Colour – So like i have done here, find a cool coloured denim jacket and style it up with your favourite outfit. I choose a dress why it was warm out but you can also pair it up with your favourite pair of jeans or trousers!

Denim on Denim – go all out 90’s with denim on denim (it’s cool again now!) I absolutely love wearing denim on denim again its kinda retro just make sure to mix different washes of denim so you don’t end up too matchy matchy!

Keep it simple – My key moto to all of life is keep it simple and the same goes when styling a denim jacket, keep it simple with an all black outfit but throw on a denim jacket to break it up slightly or just through on your denim jacket to your favourite pair of trousers. Simple always works!

Over a dress – The denim jacket is the perfect summer jacket so pairing it with a cute summer dress is just the perfect combo! You are always going to come out top in this situation!

So those are just a few was in which i like to style a denim jacket. I live in my denim jacket during spring/summer months they really are just perfect and I’m too big of a wimp to go it without a jacket!

What’s your fave jacket for the spring/summer time or are you super brave and brave the spring and summer jacket-less ?

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