How to Style Stripes

How to Style StripesHow to Style StripesHow to Style StripesHow to Style StripesHow to Style Stripes

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Everyone seemed to really enjoy my How to Style Dungarees post so i thought i would carry on and share how i style my stripes! Stripes are perfect for all year round, They are perfect for every occasion, Lets be honest and just say stripes basically RULE! I love stripes as you can probably tell but sometimes if you are new to stripes styling them can be a little tricky so today i thought i would share just How to Style Stripes theres really nothing to it –

Pop Of Colour – I love wearing my stripes with a pop of colour, i think this is especially perfect if you are planning on going somewhere special where you want to be slightly more dressy/make more of a statement with your outfit.

DenimDenim is perfect with basically anything and i find denim and stripes to be one of my favourite combos, be it a striped t-shirt under a pair of denim dungarees or a striped blouse paired with my favourite jeans or even just a denim jacket over my favourite striped dress – denim and stripes just wins every time!

Casual –  Stripes look perfect dressed casual. A striped jumper to a pair of leggings/jeans or your go to comfy striped trousers with a pair of trainers. That jersey striped jumpsuit which is perfect for lounging around in – the possibilities are endless for stripes and casual wear!

So there you have the ways in which i like to style my stripes! I’ve left links below if you want to shop my outfit, this outfit was basically all Topshop so head there if you want to find the items for yourself or in store. Its an outfit which i absolutely love to wear!

Are you as obsessed with stripes as i am? How do you style your stripes? 

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