A Pop Of Colour

a pop of colour a pop of coloura pop of coloura pop of colour

T-shirt//Levis Trousers//Topshop Bag//River Island Trainers//Adidas Sunglasses//Rayban*

As a girl who basically lives in black, more black and then darker black with a little white and maybe grey thrown in there I’ve recently been trying to add A Pop Of Colour into my wardrobe. Coloured accessories are a great way to inject pops of colour into any monochrome lovers outfit, i picked up this AMAZING little red bag from River Island, which is just perfect for adding that little wow to an outfit without being too crazy and pushing you too far out of that black & white comfort zone!

Why we are on the topic of accessories let me talk to you about my new sunglasses. I was recently contacted by Smart Buy Glasses* and asked if i would like to feature a pair of their sunglasses on my blog, seeing as i love a good outfit post, it’s summer and well everyone loves sunglasses i obviously said yes! I picked a pair of Round framed Ray Ban’s in black to show you as i already own a pair like these but in purple with slightly larger frames (which you can see in an outfit post here if you want too) they are just super flattering sunglasses and i think they will suit pretty much anyone! So if you are looking for some new sunglasses this summer be sure to check Smart Buy Glasses out as they have a great selection and their prices are amazing!

We also need to take a moment to appreciate these Topshop trousers which i recently purchased because well they are my new favourite things. Yes they are black which kind of defeats the aim of this ‘pop of colour’ talk but they really are just the comfiest pants ever! I can see myself wearing them ALL THE TIME! So i may have to look see if they come in more colour’s and buy them all!

So yeah, i think all of us who wear black/white/grey all of the time should all make an effort and try to add little pops of colour into our outfits this summer.

What do you say? Are you going to try and inject a pop of colour into your wardrobe this summer?

*PR Sample

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