Why I’m OK With Being Alone on Valentines Day

Why I'm OK With Being Alone on Valentines DayIf you ask me Valentines day is way overrated… and that’s not just because i will be alone on Valentines day I promise you! I’m a strong believer in if you love someone that person should know all year round even if thats just by a text message each night letting them know. You don’t need to feel obligated into buying chocolates, flowers and a card on a specific day to celebrate your love. This year i will be spending my valentines day alone, and i thought id share Why I’m OK With Being Alone on Valentines Day and what i like to do because to be honest, i think being alone on Valentines day is probably the best way to spend it! And here’s why;

Being alone means theres more chocolate for me – I love my own company, so being alone on Valentines day is no issue for me. Just imagine you get to pick what chocolates you want to eat instead of hoping for a boy/your partner to guess which ones you like and best of all you don’t have to share them with ANYONE!

I can choose the film i watch – Rom-com, drama or even a horror you can choose. No need for the approval of the other half because when you are alone its all about what you want!

Junk Food – A takeaway to go with your film? yes of corse! and just like the film… you can pick exactly what you want. Starting to get the hang of Valentines alone? Thats right, It’s all about you!

No need to dress up – No need to worry about what to wear, theres no fancy restaurant to go to tonight so theres no outfit stress you can happily just relax in your sweats or PJ’s  – PERFECT!

Pamper night – As i said earlier i love my own company, it gives me peace of mind so this valentines day if you find you are spending it alone why not spend the night relaxing dig out all your favourite pampering treats, run yourself a nice bath and RELAX!

Galentines – If being alone is really not your thing, why not invite a gal pal over and do all of the above with one of your girlfriends! We don’t need a boy to enjoy Valentines day.

So thats a couple of ways i will be spending my valentines day alone, and I can’t wait! I’ve never been one to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day whether I’m single or got someone to celebrate with, I just don’t really see the point! It’s only a day after all…

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? are you a fan or do you not really care for it much? let me know in the comments.

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