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Adidas and dungareesAdidas and dungarees Adidas and dungarees

First outfit post of 2017… HELLO!

Lately I’m obsessed with everything Adidas. If it’s Adidas i want it, i came across this red Adidas t-shirt one night when i was online shopping and well it went straight into my shopping basket, I just couldn’t resit. I mean red is fast becoming my favourite colour, it will of course never replace trusty black but i’m actually really enjoying chucking bits of red into my wardrobe!

I decided to style my new addition really simply, i just threw on a pair of black denim dungarees and my trusty old converse and i was good to go. I love dressing for comfort and this outfit sure was comfy aswell as looking right cool! (if i do say so myself) I can’t wait to get back out there and take more fashion and style photos I really enjoyed shooting these photos so hopefully i can get plenty more done through-out the year and find some more cool locations along the way, i was pretty proud of this hidden gem which i found one morning, i love it so you may see it on here again!

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more outfit posts on here? What outfits are your favourite, casual or glam? 

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