Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (And How)

If you are anything like me, you will sometimes find yourself in the dark hole that is Comparing Yourself To Others. I’ve probably lived most of my life comparing myself to others; in school, in sports as i got older in work and now in blogging and social media. There are so many ways in which we can compare ourselves, I mean it’s completely human to want to compare yourselves to others, but it is something which can turn into a bad habit, a bad joy stealing habit. So here are some things to remember when you do find yourself starting comparing yourself to others…

 img_3783Comparing Yourself To OthersComparing Yourself To Others

Remind Yourself Nobody Is Perfect – Everybody has imperfections even those who we admire most. If we were all built exactly the same what a plain, boring world it would be. So take pride in knowing it’s those imperfections what make us unique.

Focus On Your Strength’s – Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, ask yourself what your strengths are! Be proud of them, focus on them and use them to your advantage.

Focus On The bigger picture – Life isn’t a competition so try not to focus on where you compare to others. Instead focus on where you do want to end up and set goals in place so you can and there! We are all on a personal journey, so it doesn’t matter how long  it takes to get where you want to be.

Focus On What You Can Change – Instead of getting into a pit of self pity, get into a motivating sate of mind and focus on the things which you can change, get organised, start writing lists, setting things in place, get off your butt and go make things happen! – Be the Best Version of You.

Stop Yourself – If ever you find yourself falling into the comparison hole, falling into a wallow of self pity take a deep breath and just pause. Turn all that energy which you would spend on comparing yourself on something which would be productive to your bigger picture. Change your focus!

We all have different lives, different struggles and different goals. Comparing yourself to someone else is just stealing the joy and happiness out of what you should be enjoying. Focus all that energy on our own goals, and remember to celebrate them no matter how small they may seem. I’ll finish with one of my favourite quotes “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms”

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? How do you stop yourself?

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