5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKS!

5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKSWe all have those times in our lives where life basically just sucks! So i thought it would be fun to share 5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKS the big one! We all have different ways of coping with the stress of everyday life so heres what i tend to do when life is being a little bit shit to me and i want to feel better.

Watch your favourite programme/film – Seriously, we all have them. Those movies or TV Programmes what are just feel good and manage to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in, those ones you can watch time and time again because they give us the best fuzzy feelings and just cheer us up in general a favourite of mine is Harry Potter and obviously Friends!

Go for a walk – Have some time to yourself, take your headphones and just disconnect from the world. Go for a little walk and make sure to take in all the beautiful things nature has to offer! It will clear your head and hopefully you will feel better for it.

Talk to your friends/family – We all have those special someones in our lives who can cheer us up, and you can tell them anything, meet up with them or give them a call or a text and just have a laugh, a personal favourite of mine is just going backward and forwards sending meme’s. Who doesn’t love a good meme?

Tidy up – I don’t know about you but for me tidy house = tidy mind! If i feel down/stressed/worried i like to tidy up it just somehow makes my brain feel less cluttered, why not give it a try!

NAP! – Naps kinda fix everything in my book, even if it just for a little while! enough said.

So just remember even though today may suck, i feel like I’ve said the word suck an awful lot in this post although I kinda feel it has been necessary to say it as much as i have, tomorrow is a new day with lots of potential for new and exciting opportunities!

How do you cheer yourself you when you’ve had a bad day/bad time?

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