Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand Review

Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair WandMark Hill Interchangeable Hair WandMark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand Review

When the warmer weather comes around i tend to ditch my straight hair and reach for my curling wand in a bid to create the perfect beachy, summer waves! One which i have been using a lot lately is the Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand*, you can easily change the wand to one of three choices giving the versatility of 3 wands in 1!

The Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand comes with 3 interchangeable wands, a slim 19mm, a large 25mm and an extra large 32mm all coated with Moroccan Argan Oil. It comes with electronic variable heat, heating up to 200c so you can set it to suit you and your hair type. It also includes a heat proof glove (if you can call it a glove) I find the glove a little hard to use, it only covers your thumb and 2 fingers i much prefer to use the full gloves as the one included in this is really not comfortable but at least one was included, and lastly it has a 3 metre swivel cord which makes styling really easy!

I’ve been really enjoying using the 25mm barrel, it gives beautiful, voluminous curls; which for me are the perfect size. Although if tighter curls are your thing or you prefer bigger bouncier curls you can easily swap the barrel to the smaller or the bigger one to create the perfect look for you! I honestly don’t think ill ever change my curling wand after using this it’s just so convenient having 3 in 1 i can easily switch up which curls i want depending on what mood I’m in and i can even use multiple wands for the same style, its great!

The Mark Hill Interchangeable Hair Wand retails at £44.99 and is the perfect tool for curling your hair!

*PR Sample

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