Let’s Have a Catch Up

Let's Have a Catch UpLet’s have a catch up if you follow my blog, or follow my twitter you may have noticed things haven’t been very active on here or my youtube channel recently and its time we got re-aquatinted!

I feel like this year has been a really tough one and why i don’t want to bore you with the details of how depressing life can be it’s left me feeling a little down with no confidence. I kinda let myself go, I’ve been eating terribly, (even for me) I stopped bothering with myself, i didn’t book any hair appointments, or even the little things like tending to my eyebrows! I just kind of sat and let life go by, which is totally not the right way to deal with things! (you may have noticed you haven’t seen my face for a while… this is why, i would of scared you!) I basically just lost all confidence in myself specially when it came to publishing a post, i just felt like no ones going to enjoy a post from me and like, who’s going to want to read a beauty post from the girl who isn’t looking after herself when there are all these other girls blog’s who you can choose to read and they are absolutely beautiful!

Anyway i decided enough is enough and i need to sort myself out, i can’t just sit and let life go by and i need to get back into the swing of things on here because i REALLY MISS IT! So i took some action, i joined a gym, i’ve booked a hair appointment and I can’t wait to start feeling better in myself and to start regularly publishing blogposts again! I’m also currently training as a makeup artist so i hope to start sharing makeup looks either on here or on Instagram and hopefully ill be soon posting more fashion post’s, yes i definitely need to make some time for fashion blog posts, as fashion is a huge passion of mine and this year it somehow has been lost, which makes me really sad and there will still be beauty posts and reviews obviously!

It’s been a tough year so far but it ok but have bad days and everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, its not the end. But I’m looking forward to getting back into normality and back to my blog being the escape it used to be :)


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