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chelsea yates

So it’s been a while since i posted on here, 27 days in fact. Theres just something i can’t put my finger on but its safe to say the post i wrote way back on the 1st of January setting myself a couple of goals seem to have gotten off to a rather rocky start! So let me explain

Lets just jump straight in with two feet, I feel like i started the year not feeling entirely like my ‘cheery’ self and no matter what i do i can’t seem to shake that feeling away, it’s almost like i feel as though i have the weight of the world on my shoulders and it’s taking it toll. Even though i know theres plenty people who have it far worse off than i do, this feeling is just something i can’t shake. OK, so you’re probably thinking ‘oh so this is one of those blogpost’s where they just won’t shut up moaning’ and you’re probably correct, but hopefully with a slight twist i thought i would list the things which are making me feel down and the ways in which i could try and make myself cheer up and feel better that way I’m just getting it all off my chest and coming up with some ways to feel better plus this way i have no excuse not to stick to any of it seeing as I’m putting it out there for all to see, scary!

The first thing i need to do is stop letting other peoples moods affect mine, i have no idea how i can stop myself letting this happen but its something which i really need to learn how to handle. Whether that be by going tidying up, sitting reading a book or meditating but it really is something i need to figure out, it’s getting to the point where its really getting me down! The second thing is to stick to my schedules, theres nothing worse than the let down feeling you give yourself when you just don’t manage to complete what you say you will do! For this i bought myself a diary and a new note pad which I’m currently filling in! Another thing which has been getting myself down is the way i look (shallow i know!) but girls, you all know theres nothing more powerful than the voices in your head telling you ‘your hairs shit’ ‘your makeup is terrible today’ ‘get to the gym’ thats what they are saying to me lately, So i’ve decided i really need to get myself doing some regular exercise which i can stick to as that in itself can cheer you up, i also need to book a hair appointment, its been ages since i went to the hairdressers, i need my blonde hair back! Then when I’m feeling happier with how i look i can finally shoot some fashion posts for my blog which will cheer me up because I’ve really neglected it lately and i was super disappointed at how little fashion i did last year!

So, i really hope i haven’t rambled on and moaned to much, i can tend to turn into a moaning Murtle at times but i really do feel like this post has helped a little getting it all off my chest, sort of cleared my head space. I have no idea if anyone will actually read this and a huge well done if you’ve made it this far! Basically ill sum it up in one sentence, what I’m saying is no more being hard on myself and feeling shitty and I plan to get back to my regular blog content starting NOW! :)

Let me know what you would like to see more of on here?

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