Happy New Year Everyone!


Today i thought i would kick start the new year by starting as i mean to go on with a blogpost! I thought i would continue with my yearly tradition of looking back at what I’ve got up to over the year and setting myself some goals for the year ahead!

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I started 2015 off by deciding i wanted to take my makeup technique’s to a new level and enrolled on a makeup course, it only started later on in November and I’m currently 8 weeks in and I am so happy i took that step with my life! I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me when i complete it this year. As always theres there was the Mcbusted concert with Nicola and we’ve had a couple of visits with Tash & Tom but not half as many as i would like, so my aim for 2016 is to see them much more coz i bloody love em! In 2015 i also decided to change my hair, i went from being blonde to ombre, for me this is kind of a big deal due to the fact I’ve had so many hair disasters so a change is something which takes me SO LONG to decide on but I’m currently enjoying how low maintenance my hair is! Has anyone else had a hair change in 2015? In summer me and Adam went on a trip to Barcelona & Rome which was really good I’ve never really been on a ‘city holiday’ before so it was something which was really fun to experience! in 2015 my little blog turned 3 years old which is CRAZY, i also attended a youtube event which was held in Manchester, this was something which was SUCH a good experience being a youtube event rather than a blog event and held in Manchester rather than London plus It’s crazy to see how many boy youtuber’s there are where you live, i always just assumed there would be more girls for some reason! I also attended some really fun and exciting blog event’s which i hopefully will continue with in 2016!


In 2016, I’m going to try and push myself even further than i did in 2015, i think sometimes i was a little slack on myself so this year I’m going to be tougher! So here are a few goals i have set for myself, my blog and my youtube channel for throughout 2016! What goals have you set yourself?

♥ Be more organised

♥ Improve my Instagram, maybe try get a theme!

♥ Set up and stick to a schedule for my blog/youtube!

♥ Include more fashion blogposts. (I’ve missed them this year!)

♥ Continue to learn/improve my photography.

♥ Try to worry less.

♥ Ask for help if i need it.

♥ Get out more!

♥ Visit Tash more!

♥ Start the Gym.

♥ Do more things which make me happy.

♥ Continue to learn new things everyday!

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