L’oreal Professional Steampod Review

L'oreal Professional Steampod Review L'oreal Professional Steampod ReviewL'oreal Professional Steampod Review

I’m always looking for ways to improve my hairs overall health, when it comes to styling my hair I’ve had the same pair of hair straighteners for quite a few years now so I’ve always wondered if i should be switching my hair tools, maybe finding a newer, more healthy way to style my hair. The L’oreal Professional Steampod* uses a continuous flow of high pressure steam to seal and smooth the hair resulting in a long lasting, sleek straight finish. It also helps to maintain a balanced moisture level of the hair fibre. It has 5 temperature settings ranging from 140c to 210c so you can adjust the heat to your personal preference the L’oreal Professional Steampod will also remember your setting for future use, so you don’t have to change it everytime you want to style your hair!

For optimal results you can use the L’oreal Steampod smoothing cream, enriched with pro Keratin it’s designed to be activated by the Steampod this comes in 2 formulas one for fine hair and one for thicker hair. There is also the L’oreal Steampod Serum, which can be applied to the ends of your hair for a super smooth finish. To use the steampod, just divide your hair up into sections and using the directional arrows shown on the Steampod allow the device to travel down each section, until you have completed your whole head. Together the Steampod along with the Steampod cream and serum seal the hair cuticles to smooth the look of the hair. As you can see from the picture above my hair has a natural sleek, glossy look and has a smooth finish which lasts up until i next wash it.

The L’oreal Professional Steampod has now replaced my old hair straighteners although i must admit it does take me a little longer as i have to fill up the water but since using them as my every day hair tool for over a month now, my hair feels so much softer overall and actually feels in much better condition so it’s safe to say i am super happy with my choice to swap my choice of everyday hair tool even if it does take me slightly longer to do my hair in a morning! The L’oreal Steampod is £170 and can be bought from L’oreal Professional salons nationwide or online at Lookfantasic HERE which is currently only £135!

Would you ever swap your everyday hair tool? What do you think about the L’oreal Professional Steampod?

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