Fleur De Force Eylure Fleur and Fabulous Lashes

Fleur De Force Eylure Fleur and Fabulous LashesFleur De Force Eylure Fleur and Fabulous Lashes

I have always been a fan of false lashes – Eylure especially and Fleur has always been one of my favourite youtubers so for me, this collaboration is an obvious match made in beauty heaven! I used to wear my Cheryl lashes or my 107’s every weekend without fail, i like my lashes to feel and look natural yet still have an element of a dramatic lash in there, so when i think about it, I’m actually quite fussy when it comes to lashes.

The Eylure Fleur and Fabulous lashes are a dramatic lash, the prefect girls night out lashes. They feature an intricate criss cross/woven design at the base of the lash for added depth, i also find it helps the lash to blend into your natural lashes. This design is definitely more for those who love their lashes to be bold and dramatic, although the tapered tips add a little softness and balances the lashes out perfectly, they are a great choice for any night out or special occasion. I found them to be a fairly light weight design for how bold of a lash they are.

If you love a bold, dramatic lash then the Eylure Fleur and Fabulous lashes would be perfect for you. They are light weight to wear yet still have that stand out, dramatic look! I personally love them, even though they aren’t something which i usually go for, the tapered tips are super flattering!

Have you tried any of Fleur’s Eylure range? Which are your favourites?

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