40 reasons why i love Autumn

40 reasons why i love AutumnAutumn is in full swing now and i am welcoming it with open arms! I would class it as one of my favourite times of year for many reasons, which if you continue reading which I’m hoping you will, you will find out exactly why i love it! I find it quite odd some people don’t really this time of year so i thought i would share quite a few reasons why i love Autumn¬†in the hope to get everyone in the ‘I love Autumn’ Sprit. So here goes:

  1. Autumn colours are the pretties colours!
  2. Those golden, crisp mornings!
  3. Crunchy leaves
  4. Conkers.
  5. Dark nights.
  6. Cosy nights in.
  7. Black Friday
  8. Bonfire night.
  9. Halloween.
  10. Fireworks.
  11. Halloween movies!
  12. Pumpkin’s Everywhere!
  13. Carving Pumpkins.
  14. The food is just better in autumn, bye salads hello stews & pies!
  15. Toffee/Chocolate apples
  16. Hot chocolate
  17. Pumpkin spice
  18. Extra blankets.
  19. Cosy socks.
  20. ONSIES!
  21. Candles
  22. Fairy Lights
  23. Hot water bottles!
  24. The crackle of fires.
  25. Big cosy jumpers!
  26. Scarfs & hats.
  27. Skirts and dresses with tights.
  28. Autumn is the best time to go clothes shopping!
  29. New winter coat!
  30. Boots Boots Boots!
  31. Leather, wool, suede & Fur
  32. Jeans weather
  33. Buying burgundy, karki & Navy everything!
  34. Layering!
  35. Pamper nights become every weekend
  36. DVD/Netflix nights become your life.
  37. Autumn TV is the best TV. I’m a celeb, X factor, Strictly need i go on?
  38. Snuggling
  39. Takeaway nights!

Those are 40 reasons why i love autumn, leave me a comment below letting me know your favourite thing about autumn! I’d love to know.

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