Glamoriser Freestyler Review

Glamoriser Freestyler Review wireless hair straightener Glamoriser Freestyler Review wireless hair straightenerGlamoriser Freestyler Review wireless hair straightenerGlamoriser Freestyler Review wireless hair straightener

Glamoriser Freestyler* | £69.99

With festival season coming to a close i thought i would pop in one last minute attempt for any last minute festival goers to tell you all about the perfect hair tool to take with you! The Glamoriser Freestyler is a hair styler which is perfect for hair on the go, perfect for festivals! (can you see where I’m going with this?) Now i know that this post is probably a little late for most of this years festivals and your probably cursing at me through the computer screen for not showing you this sooner but you could always get yourself super prepared for next year.

The Glamoriser Freestyler is a super lightweight, compact hair styler which will fit perfectly into your handbag! Being cordless it allows you to achieve a salon finish anytime, anywhere! While one full charge last unto 40 minutes, amazing right? The styler effortlessly glides through your hair without snagging, The ceramic plates have a high gloss coating infused with Black Diamond Oil, to enhance shine and is perfect for creating sleek, straight hair and amazing curls! I was actually a little sceptical at first as to just how good a battery powered hair straighter could be but believe me when i say IT ACTUALLY WORKS…Just check out the pictures for proof. It does such a fantastic job at straightening and even curling the hair! I would never of thought a battery powered hair straightener would be able to create curls which last, but this one does! I also liked the fact it comes with a lock to keep the straightener closed & safe from braking in your handbag & a low power setting for those of us who tend to like a little less heat on our hair.

I couldn’t imagine going to a festival without them now, it’s just fantastic for a battery powered hair styler. It’s perfect for touch up’s, straightening and even curling hair, plus the light weight design makes it easily portable. It effortlessly straightened and curled my hair with power to spare (how much power I’m not too sure) the only downside i found was the anxiety which comes with curling your hair and never knowing if you will finish in time!

Have you tried a portable hair styler before what did you think? 

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