Fleur De Force Beauty Event

Fleur De Force Beauty Event Fleur De Force Beauty Event Fleur De Force Beauty Event Fleur De Force Beauty EventFleur De Force Beauty Event

On Thursday i made my way upto London for the Fleur De Force Beauty Launch night Event with Feelunique. It’s been absolutely ages since i went to a blogger event or even to London so i was really excited to get on the train to go and celebrate Fleur’s new beauty range!

As soon as i got into London i arranged to meet up with Faye and walk to the event together, but after not being in London for quite a while i did get myself a tad lost on the tubes… Northern girl in London ‘n’ all that, so poor Faye ended up waiting for me to figure out my way (luckily i wasn’t too late!) We then made our way to the the Haymarket Hotel, where the event was hosted in the pool room, which was an absolutely beautiful setting! (although i did want to jump right in that pool!) There was a DJ, cocktails on entrance and even a candy floss machine! Unfortunately i had to leave a little early as i had to catch the last train home which i made with seconds to spare! (PHEW!)

I have had a little try at the products the day after the event but i wanted to do a more in-dept review, so i won’t be giving away too many of my thoughts just yet, but what i will say is they are such good quality! I had such an amazing time at the event, I got the chance to catch up with some bloggers/youtubers who i haven’t seen in a while & even meet some new ones! I am so proud and happy for Fleur, GO TEAM INTERNET! You can shop the Fleur De Force Beauty Collection exclusively at Feelunique by clicking here!

Have you bought any of Fleur’s Beauty Range yet? What did you go for? 

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