Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Makeup Forever HD Foundation | £29.00

Earlier this year Makeup Forever launched in the UK, pretty exciting times right? Makeup Forever  is a brand i have always loved from afar, up until last year when i picked up the Makeup Forever HD Foundation from IMATS.

I picked up the Makeup Forever HD Foundation in the colour N130, As i’ve said many of times i like my foundation to have a little bit of colour in there, although being at IMATS it was hard to pick a foundation colour with the counters being so busy but i don’t think i did to badly as the colour match is pretty spot on. If i’m honest it is a foundation which is completely opposite to what i usually go for, it’s an oil-free medium-full coverage foundation where as i usually lean towards the more sheer, lighter foundations. That being said i do actually really like the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, however i do have to take more care with my moisturiser on the drier areas of my face. I only need one pump to cover my whole face and it’s pigmented enough to cover all minor blemishes i have leaving my skin looking absolutely flawless; airbrushes even. The longevity of this foundation is amazing! It lasts a good 6/7 hours and i didn’t feel the need to powder through out the day, although if you have a more oiler skin type you may need to.

Overall, even though The Makeup Forever HD Foundation is a fuller coverage foundation to which i am usually used to, i have absolutely fallen in love with it. This foundation was definitely made for photography/the media world, it leaves your skin looking flawless and airbrushed, i absolutely love it for those special nights out and for when I’m filming my youtube videos, it looks amazing and lasts so well under hot lights. 

Have you tried any Makeup Forever Makeup ? What are your thoughts?

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