5 Things To Do In Barcelona

I recently came back from Barcelona, It’s such a beautiful city filled with lots of fun, exciting & beautiful things to look at! So i thought i would share my top 5 Things To Do In Barcelona The ones which i got up to and enjoyed the most! Get ready to que awkward touristy posing and the dodgy outfits as i was big tourist on this trip plus after being so organised i left my packing until the last minute and forgot way too much of my stuff! (sob!)

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1. Park Guell – After taking art at GCSE in school, i learned all about Gaudi even based a lot of my GCSE art work on him, so to visit the city where his work is there to see in the flesh is just an amazing experience! He was such a fantastic architect and you can really see this in Park Guell along with enjoying a day out in the sunshine looking at all the beautiful buildings & sculptures! One word of advice for anything in Barcelona is plan your trip & book tickets in advance!

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2. La Boqueria – Me and Adam stumbled upon this by accident but everyone has a soft spot for looking around markets don’t they? This is one of the most beautiful markets full of huge stalls with fruit, veg, fish, ice cream, smoothies and so much more! The colours are just beautiful definitely something worth spending a little time looking around! Plus its free to enter it just costs you whatever food etc takes your fancy!


3. Barcelona Zoo – I am a huge animal lover, so when our hotel told us Barcelona had a zoo i just knew i had to visit, although i didn’t have high hopes at first with past experiences at holiday Zoos! Barcelona Zoo was fantastic probably one of my favourite things i did while being there, they had so many interesting & unusual animals plus you could higher a little buggy to drive around the zoo in!


4. Barcelona Nou Camp Football Stadium – OK, so this one was definitely for Adam, but when i was there i did really enjoy myself. It’s all pretty much indoors until you get to the stadium itself but there is really so much information and cool football memorabilia to look at! Plus in the stadium they have a bar which you can eat at/have a drink while looking out at the football pitch! A day out which everyone can enjoy!

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5. Sagrada Familia – If you ever go to Barcelona the Sagrada Familia IS A MUST! It’s actually breath taking just to look at, but make sure you book your tickets in advance as they book up pretty quickly! Inside it gets even more beautiful, we had an audio guide which told everything we needed to know! I would really recommend the audio guide! The only thing we missed out on was going up into the towers so like i said make sure you plan and book your tickets before hand!

So there you have it, those are my top 5 things to do in Barcelona. There are so many things to do and  Barcelona is such a beautiful city filled with so many beautiful buildings and gorgeous shops! So if your looking for a weekend away somewhere hot i would recommend Barcelona 100%! Lucy Loves has an amazing post on 4 ways to spend your evenings in Barcelona, so if you’re planning on heading to Barcelona – make sure you check that out!

Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favourite things to do? 

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