In-Flight Travel Essentials

in flight travel essentials

So tomorrow i head off on holiday to Barcelona & then onto Rome, so i thought it would be fun to share with you my in-flight travel essentials. Lets face it packing for holiday’s can be really hard and stressful if you are anything like me you can never seem to get it quite right, it’s either overpacked or under packed…Both are not fun! So this year i am determined to get it right so here are the main things i will be taking with me on the aeroplane.

1. Eye Mask – No matter how short or long a flight is i think an eye mask is essential for travel, aeroplanes can have rather harsh lighting so if you decide to take a nap an eye mask with for sure make you much more comfortable.

2. Book/Magazines – Get a head start on your poolside reading, planes can be rather boring and 10 minutes can feel like hours so i like to have plenty of things to keep myself occupied specially when the person we are flying with will be fast asleep for the whole plane journey! Yes you all know one of those people!

3. Headphones – This one is kinda obvious, Aeroplanes often have films/tv shows on for you to watch but you could always listen to your own music, your own films etc and its nicer to use your own headphones than pay to rent the ones on the plane!

4. Ipad/Laptop – As i said Planes can be boring and i love to have as many things possible to keep myself occupied no matter how long/short my flight is, so i tend to pack my tablet/ipad and laptop into my inflight carry on bag! Then i can catch up on some editing, write up a couple of blog post’s or even chill out and play some games!

5. Clear Beauty Bag – Being a makeup lover i usually have a lot of makeup/beauty bits, although i will never wear makeup during a flight all these beauty bits will need to be in clear plastic bags, air ports usually charge for these bags so i like to put my beauty bits into a clear makeup bag to save this hassle, i can then just lift out my clear makeup bag and put that through the security.

6. Cosy Socks – I can’t even go to the cinema without taking comfy socks. Yes i am that person. I like to be comfy and i don’t really care what i look like while I’m doing it, along as i am nice and comfy and most definitely not cold!

7. Jumper – This is kind of along the same lines, i get really really cold and it’s not often i have a plane journey where i don’t get chilly. So i like to take a big comfy jumper which i can wear to keep me warm and which also could be used as a pillow!

8. Sunglasses – I like to have my sunglasses handy so when i step off the plane and the sun is shining i can just whip out my sunglasses right away.

9. Medications/Pain Relief  – It’s no secret i am a sufferer of migraines, so pain relief tablets are always in my bag. I would hate to come down with a headache/migraine or anything for that matter and not have any pain relief with me. I also take regular medication for these which will also be in my carry on, as i would never check in my medication in case of delay’s or lost luggage always keep your medication with you!

10. Snacks/sweets/mints – If your like me you probably will get peckish on a plane, so i like to have snacks handy. I also like to have mints/suckable sweets at the ready for take off/landing to help stop my ears from popping.

Obviously i will also have the basic essentials such as my passport, purse and travel documents etc. But i thought those where much more obvious and could be left out being mentioned, as i wouldn’t be leaving the country without those kind’s of things.

Where are you heading on holiday this year? What are your in-flight travel essentials?

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