Chloe’s Hair Extensions in Ombre Blonde Review

chloes hair extensions chloes hair extensionschloes hair extensionswearing chloe's hair extensions wearing chloe's hair extensions Chloe’s Hair Extensions in Ombre Blonde* | £85.99

I have loved hair extensions ever since i first wore them way back when i was around 14 years old, they are such a great way to glam up your hair. If you’re like me and have a lot of different colour in your hair (i sound like a mcfly song) hair extensions that match can he hard to come across, but the Chloe’s Hair Extensions come in 27 different colour shades to choose from.

The Chloe’s Hair Extensions come beautifully packaged in a grey box which is a nice change to the plastic packs hair extensions usually come in, with 140g of 100% human hair that are 20-21″ long, i do wish they would have some more weight & length options as some people have thicker hair and it would be nice to be able to choose what length hair you want. I have the colour Ombre Blonde and find it matches my hair really well, in each set you get 8 wefts in total, one 4 clip weft, three 3 clip wefts, two 2 clip wefts and two 1 clip wefts. It doesn’t take long at all to clip in the hair extensions, I tend to section my hair off and clip them in wherever i feel they need to be, although i don’t often find myself using the two 1 clip wefts. The clips don’t pull, tug or weigh down the hair.

In short,  I really like the Chloe’s Hair Extensions the quality is great, they blend really well and the price is great too! The only downside i can see is the length and weight options, for me this option is fine, i just wish there was more available for others! But at £85.99 for a full set of hair extensions these are really reasonably priced and well worth it for the quality!

Have you tried Chloe’s Hair Extensions? What are your go to hair extension brand? 

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