Birthday Wishlist

 birthday wish list

Today is officially 2 weeks until my birthday, although i find the older i get the harder it is to answer the question “what would you like for your birthday” A pretty card and for everyone i love and care about to be safe and well is the perfect present and more than money can buy. I thought i’d still make a little birthday wish list for you guys to have a peek at as everyone i love being safe and well isn’t much of a blogpost and lets be honest, it is always nice to make a fantasy wish list.

So I’m not going to go in any particular order, but i’m heading to Barcelona and Rome with Adam later this month so i would love a camera with wifi to instantly upload snaps to my instagram, a tilt screen which would make vlogging easeir (when i finally find my confidence) It would generally get a lot of use (obviously i don’t want both which are on my wish list) but these are the two i have been looking at, the Olympus Pen-7 otherwise known as the latest hyped blogger camera or I have been looking at a couple from Sony, i am more swayed towards Sony ATM but let me know your thoughts!? Do you have any of camera similar to these, would you recommend them?

Sticking to holiday theme obviously Triangl Bikini’s are just beautiful, i would absolutely love to get my hands on one of those, along with a pair of aviator Ray Ban’s since watching Naomi on Love Island (please tell me you all watch love Island, I am literally obsessed!) and desperate to get my myself a pair of sunglasses similar to hers, maybe a different colour? i don’t know but i just know they look beautiful on so i think i may shop the duty free at the air port and treat myself to a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for my holiday!

I also popped on a pair of white Nike Air Max Thea trainers, ever since being a child i have bought/been bought a new pair of trainers to go on holiday with so i can’t stop now! These are a pair i have been looking at recently, you just can’t go wrong with all white trainers. Along with a pair go gladiator sandals from Aldo, i have seen so many people rocking these types of sandals and i would love to join in the trend as these tan ones are just beautiful!

Last but not least, being a beauty lover it would be wrong of me not to include makeup/beauty bits on here, so a couple of things i have had my eye on are the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, The MAC Conceal and Correct Pallete and lastly the Glam Glow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.

So that is my Birthday Wishlist, but as i said i am completely happy just receiving a card and for everyone i know & love to be safe, happy and well. I can’t believe i am going to be 23 this year it feels wrong saying it specially when i still get asked for I’d when buying the lottery!

Is it your birthday this month? Whats on your wish list?

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