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So you may or may not know, back in the end of May i embarked on my journey to get straighter teeth. I’ve had braces once before in my teenage years and had them for a pretty long time if I’m honest, but as years pass by and you loose your retainer, you get abit cocky with your new straighter teeth and they begin to move back. My teeth weren’t awful, and i never thought they were but but after growing up with a huge gap and some really not so straight teeth one of my main insecurities in life has always been my teeth, so for me i could really notice the difference and i really wanted to get them back to how they was straight after the first time i had braces.

After researching many different treatments i opted for Quick Straight Teeth. They had two options available a fixed brace or a removable brace, after chatting to my dentist i thought the fixed brace seemed like the best option for me it is for fixing mild misalignment and said to work more than twice as quick as the removable brace! The braces are clear which is what attracted me to them, i personally really didn’t want to be having bulky metal braces again specially at 23, as you can see from the above picture they are slightly noticeable but no where near as noticeable as metal braces are!

I’m not going to lie, they aren’t as affordable as the website makes out but i think most clear/removable adult braces come with a hefty price tag due to the amount of people who want them and can’t say no due to the fact we need straighter teeth to help with our insecurities. I’m now 2 month into my treatment and  on the strongest wire available (which goes to show how quickly these braces work!) I can already see a massive improvement with my teeth, there has been a lot of discomfort which i expected really, specially when it comes to meal times (i have turned into that person who eats pizza with a knife & fork!) I will never judge those people ever again. I just thought i would share my experience with adult braces, obviously i am still in my treatment but that shouldn’t be long now as i am on my final wire and then i can update you guys with the finished result!

Have you ever thought about teeth straightening treatments? 

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