5 Things To Do This Weekend #3

5 things to do this weekend

1. Go for Ice Cream – I love ice cream & i don’t think it gets as much attention as it deserves! Go and make a special trip for ice cream!

2. Update your iPod – Summer music is a favourite of mine, but if your anything like me you will neglect you iPod so grab it and update your music for the summer.

3. Try a New Restaurant – Try some place new to eat. We all get stuck in our ways and stick to what we know we like so push the boat out (a little) and find some place new which you would really like to try and go have lunch/dinner there.

4. Have a BBQ – If restuarants aren’t your cup of tea, and the weather sticks to being nice like it says it should be invite some of your friends round and have a quiet or not so quiet BBQ. Which ever you enjoy most!

5. Start a Scrap Book – Sift through your photo memories, print off your phone photos and create a scrap book filled with memories which you can look at for years to come!

What Will you be doing this weekend? Id love to know in the comments.

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