Updated Everyday Makeup GRWM

Everyday Makeup

Hi Guys, So i missed uploading last week, but i kinda had a few problems with my video i had planned to upload (those are still happening, but that video is still in the works) So instead i decided to film an updated everyday makeup¬†look. It’s been a while since i updated you guys on my everyday makeup routine so here it is….

It’s nothing special as i don’t tend to go all out, I just like to get the basics done, spots covered, brows filled in & lashes coated in mascara. Anyone else feel me on this? Anyways, if you want to see what sort of makeup i have been wearing on an everyday basis click the link below, as always don’t forget to give the video a big thumb up & subscribe I’m nearly at my next milestone which is awesome!

All the internet hugs <3

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