My Top 20 Festival Survival Tips

festival survival tips


Festival season is upon us, with more and more people choosing to get involved in festivals i thought i would share my top 20 festival survival tips! I have only ever been to day festivals myself but even being in the environment can give you so many ideas and ways in which to prepare for if you ever do decide to camp at a festival, so here are a couple of things which you may already know/find completely obvious or you may never of thought of ever… but I’m going to share them anyway in hope someone will find them useful! Here goes…


1. Suncream – Even in the UK we get sun, and even in overcast sunburn can strike so protect your skin. A sunburn hurts and could also ruin the rest of your days at the festival!

2. Sunglasses – They cover tiredness and dark circles, hide drunkness & hide hangovers!

3. Mix & Match Your Outfits – Take outfits which can be worn with other things, so you save valuable packing weight & space! Plus don’t forget a waterproof!

4.  A bumbag – You will want to wear it everyday, so practical purely because it leaves both of your hands free! Backpacks and fringed handbags look pretty but do you really want the hassle of it hanging off your shoulder? or attempting to get in it?

5. Antibacterial Hand Gel & Baby Wipes – Speaks for itself, port-a-loos are just eurgh and yep you guessed it there aren’t many places to wash your hands at festivals so you will live for this stuff! Plus baby wipes will be great for campers too!

6. Tissues & Loo Roll – You will need tissues… So badly! Port-a-loos may not have toilet roll so tissues will be the best thing you can probably take, although i warn you to hide them as every unprepared person in the toilet queue will want one! & toilet roll is a campers best friend.

7. Binbags – You can tidy away your rubbish, sit on them, use them to pack shoes covered in mud – Bin bags are just all round awesome!

8. Dry Shampoo – No shower? greasy hair? dry shampoo to the rescue!

9. Plaits & Braids – They will keep your hair out the way & will still look gorgeous!

10. Mouth Wash – Brushing your teeth will be hard to do in a field, so mouthwash will be the easiest way to achieve clean, fresh breath!

11.  Plan – Plan out which acts you would like to see before hand, once you get there you will be to excited to plan and make sure you try to stick to it!

12. A Flashlight – There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate, or find things specially drunk and in the dark, a flashlight will help you with that!

13. Choose Your Camping Spot Wisely – Water & other things have to go somewhere, that somewhere will be down the hill…Walkways and drunk people don’t mix, the first thing they will grab hold of is your tent! Choose wisely, no walkways and not downhill!

14.  Take A Chair – If your spending time at your campsite you won’t want to sit in a tent all the time or on a muddy floor… pack a chair!

15. Water & Snacks – The prices of snacks there will be ridiculous & you will get peckish, so take some snacks. Crisp, biscuits & cereal bars & well water is just an obvious one, dehydration is not fun!

16. Try Not To Take Any Valuables – We all know iPhones have poop batteries anyway, so maybe its time to dig out that £10 mobile with awesome battery life so you can reach friends/family if needed. You can take disposable camera’s to take pictures with and most of all leave the valuable jewellery at home!

17. Sleep With Your Stuff – If you do need to take anything valuable, expensive phones etc. Make sure you sleep with them (I’ve heard of some horror stories) So make sure your valuables are safe while you sleep!

18. Take a Portable Charger – Again if you do decide to take your iPhone, the batteries are pathetic so a portable charger will keep your phone going (just make sure you don’t let on to everyone or everyone will want to charge their phones!)

19. Arrange a Meeting Spot – Phone service is generally bad at festivals, plus if yours/your friends batteries die it’s best to arrange a meeting point just incase you get separated!

20. Take Spares – By this i mean socks, underwear, pants! The weather in the UK can be unpredictable and you may very well get soaking wet you may fall on you bottom so take some spare essential clothing. The last thing you want is to be stuck in wet socks or wet clothing!

 What festival are you heading to this year? What is your #1 top tip?

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