Benefit POREfessional Licence To Blot Review

Benefit POREfessional Licence to Blot Benefit POREfessional Licence to BlotBenefit POREfessional Licence To Blot  Benefit POREfessional Licence to Blot* | £15.50

The latest edition the the Benefit POREfessional family comes in the form of an instant oil blotting stick. Benefit POREfessional Licence to Blot – A solid balm with with tiny invisible blotting spheres which promises to instantly create matte skin and remove oiliness, with results which last upto 6 hours! It also claims to blur the appearance of enlarged pores, a pretty neat product don’t you agree?

The packaging comes in a compact, triangular shape retractable tube which of course includes the Benefit signature spy gal logo. The specially designed triangular tip makes it easy to be precise when targeting the face’s oily zones it also allows for the nib to easily slot into tricky facial contours. Benefit POREfessional Licence to Blot can be used underneath makeup as a primer or on top to target oily patches, it glides on the skin and is definitely mattifying, removing any signs of shininess although you can feel it sitting on the skin so it’s not a product which i would call weightless. I Like to use ‘Licence to Blot’ by applying it around mid-dayish or when your makeup begins to move, i apply it with my finger dabbing it to areas where i feel shiny delicately buffing it into the skin working it in with my makeup to give my face a flawless finish, as i find if I’m not careful it can lift off a little of my makeup.

Overall, i personally think Benefit POREfessional Licence to Blot is a product which takes some getting used to, it’s one which isn’t going to be for everyone but it’s definitely a nice quick fix and would be perfect for those who don’t like to carry around powder or like the cakey look it can give, 100% of people saw continuous mattifying action, 97% said it helped minimise and blur out the appearance of pores and 100% said it absorbed excess surface oil without fail. Those are some great statistics. I would argue the 6 hour wear time, but all in all i think ‘Licence to Blot’ is a really nice product it’s innovative, compact and a really great addition to the already fabulous POREfessional family!

What are your thoughts on Benefits Licence to Blot? 

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