5 Things To Do This Weekend

5 Things To Do This Weekend


I have been enjoying writing a little more lifestyle on my blog recently, and because it’s the weekend i checked the weather and saw it was looking pretty decent although some rain is still showing. Seeing as we are half way through June you would think we would be in full blown summer by now! but nope not yet…hopefully the sun will stay out all weekend. I thought i would share 5 Things To Do This Weekend or what you can do any weekend for that matter, and depending on how well this goes down i may even make this a little regular feature on my blog, as I’m always struggling to think of things to do at the weekend. So here goes..

1. Take The Dog For a Long Walk – Theres nothing more relaxing than taking a walk in the sunshine and obviously your dog will thank you for getting him out and about for a nice long time in the fresh air.

2. Go For a Picnic – Pack your own picnic or maybe order a takeaway pizza and go find a nice spot to eat it in the park you will enjoy it trust me, it’s just so fun! Plus i recently picked up a really awesome picnic blanket from Primark for only £5!

3. Clean Your Car – It’s a job we always put off or usually pay someone else to do, while the sun is shining why not grab a bucket, the hose pipe and clean the car yourself, you can even rope in some friends to help and clean their car too.

4. Wash Your Makeup Brushes – Again another task we always put off but while the weather is warm you can have them washed and dried in no time!

5. Go Car Booting – I haven’t been to a car boot in such a long time, why not find out where your nearest car boot is and go have a walk around you may find a hidden gem.

What Will you be doing this weekend? Id love to know in the comments.

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