5 Things To Do This Weekend #2

5 Things To Do This Weekend

1. Put on your favourite pair of heels – I’m one of those believers who thinks in a pair of heels you can conquer the world. So grab your favourite heels and go ‘get shit’ done.

2. Start a new Netflix series – The weather has been poo lets be honest, so grab your duvet and start that new Netflix series you have been desperate to begin, I’ve recently re started to watch OITNB as well i just can’t get into season 3.

3. Tick some things off your to do list – We all have them, we all let them build up. Maybe take some time to tick a couple of things off your list it will make you feel so much better.

4. Shop your stash – Dig out that top, dress or pair of jeans which you haven’t seen in a while, or maybe take a look in your make up draw and find some makeup with you have been neglecting. You may find a hidden gem which you have simply forgotten about.

5. Go to the cinema – If Netflix isn’t your cup of tea, head out to the cinema it’s something i have been really enjoying lately. You can buy some popcorn, pick’n’mix or an ice blast and just sit and enjoy a new realise film! On my list is The Longest Ride & Minions!

What Will you be doing this weekend? Id love to know in the comments.

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