we got makeover

Chelsea Yates

It’s been a while since i sat writing a post which wasn’t sharing a youtube video, a wish list or a little daily summary. Anyway, as you can probably guess by now, Through Chelsea’s Eyes has had a makeover, the amazing Phil over at Pipdig has finally switched me over to wordpress while also giving me a snazzy new design. I must blame Gemma for my recent urge to switch over although I have toyed with the idea of switching to wordpress for so long now, it just feels amazing to have finally got it done, i feel like all excited as this is completely different and totally new to me and i kinda of love it, i love figuring things out so i couldn’t be more excited to start blogging properly again! As for my design and the switch over Phil at Pipdig was absolutely amazing, if you are ever considering a blog re-design or making the switch yourself i would 100% recommend him!

Would you ever make the switch? What do you think of the new design?

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