Review | Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara

Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara

Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara | £7.99

I have been a huge fan of the Rimmel Wake Me Up range, the foundation & concealer has been one of my all time drugstore favourites, thats why i was so excited to see them announce a mascara in the line. The new Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara is all about cucumbers and giving eyes that wide eyed, wide awake look.


The mascara tube is exactly the same shape as the pervious Wonder’full mascara which was enriched with Argan oil, only this time round it’s bright green. (i’m guessing that has something to do with the cucumbers) i actually really like the green as it makes it super easy to spot. Onto the mascara itself, the precision brush is shaped to the lash-line to push lashes up and out. The mascara has a cooling sensation which i thought was pretty snazzy and not at all over powering, it makes your eyes feel more open and fresh. (if ever your eyes can feel fresh!) I also love how black the formula is and the cucumber scent is so refreshing, it does give you that morning energy boost you need. Although as for making my lashes look full and lifted i found it was a little disappointing.


Overall, if you are one of those people who find mornings pretty hard i think you will love the cooling sensation and the cucumber smell of new Rimmel Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara, but as for the formula, I applied two coats & found it made my lashes look a little clumped together and overall lacklustre. I wasn’t overly impressed for something which i had such high hopes for.


Are you a fan of the Rimmel Wake Me Up range? What do you think of this mascara?

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