Review | Hi Impact Brow Palette

hi impact brow swatches

Hi Impact Brow Palette* | £18.99

If there is one thing i love it’s a multi-purpose product and thats exactly what you can expect to get with the Hi Impact Brow Palette, It can be used to shape and define brows, as eyeshadows and eye liner, thats three uses from one tiny palette. The Hi Impact Brow Palette contains 4 highly pigmented mineral powders ranging from light to dark, It contains a blonde shade, a cinnamon brown, an ash brown and a black. The shades have been specially selected to make it easy to match to our hair colour, I tend to mix the blonde with the ash brown shade to get what i think is nearest to my eyebrow shade.

I like to use the palette more for brows than eye shadows/eye liner although they do make a handful of beautiful eye looks, the colours would be great for daytime looks as they are matte however i prefer using them as a transitioning colour along side with my other eye palettes, the cinnamon brown is one of my favourites to use to for this.

Overall , this is a really handy multi-purpose brow palette, It did a really good at defining my brows plus it’s small enough to put in your handbag if you ever wanted to carry it around with you, it also comes with a nice sized mirror along with a brush which is actually pretty good, usually the brushes that come with products aren’t that great are they? although I’m not too sure if everyone would be able to find a perfect colour match as i think for everyone to find a colour to suit them in one palette would prove difficult. The Hi Impact Brow Palette retails at £18.99 and can be bought from the Dee and Co website.

What do you use for your brows? Have you ever tried the Hi Impact Brows Palette?

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