Review | Fushi Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

fushi coconut oil fushi coconut oil


Fushi Extra Virgin Coconut Oil | £8.95

I love finding new products which can help my hair, when i was on pinterest (i seem to be spending more and more time on there lately!) i came across coconut oil, i read up on it and thought why haven’t i purchased this sooner! Although coconut oil isn’t just for your hair, it can be used on skin as a moisturiser, makeup remover or as a cleanser and also internally to help aid weight loss, improve digestion and metabolism and many more I’m sure and if theres one think i love it’s a multi-purpose product!


The Fushi Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes in a 250g jar and is a cold, pressed oil which is a sort of thick/hard white consistency while in the jar, but once you scoop out a little bit in your hand, like magic it melts into a clear oil on the touch/the heat. As you probably already guessed from the first sentence of this blogpost, i have been using coconut oil with the purpose to help improve my hairs condition and eventually, hopefully help my hair growth and WOW what a difference it’s made. The first time i used it i sectioned my hair off, applied it all over and combed it through.. i then slept in it and left it on my hair until the next morning when i washed it off, only it didn’t wash out quite so easily, i had to then re wash my hair to get out the remaining product. So after that i haven’t been leaving it over night, i have been leaving it on my hair for about an hour at most. My hair after felt so soft, nourished and frizz free, it also has never looked better it looked so shiny and full of life which was exactly what i needed!


I can’t believe it took me so long to purchase coconut oil, I am always looking up the next best thing to buy for my hair to improve the condition and hopefully help aid hair growth and to be honest, i think i have found my hairs saviour! I have been using this for only a few weeks now but the improvement i have seen in my hair is just phenomenal!


Have you ever used coconut oil? What is your hair saviour?


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