Review | Babyliss Pro Italia Brava Hair Dryer

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BaByliss Pro Italia BRAVA Hair Dryer* | £120

When it comes to drying my hair i must admit its one of my most hated things to do, I like to try and let my hair dry naturally as much as possible although sometimes that is just not a practical thing to do (it seriously takes forever) so when i need to use a hairdryer i need a powerful one, my hair is thick and tends to hold a lot of water so even when drying with a hairdryer i can be stood there for a good 45minutes until my hair is completely dry.


The Babyliss Pro Italia BRAVA hair dryer is a pretty impressive piece of hair equipment, powered by the MaxLife™ PRO brushless motor and designed in collaboration with Ferrari, designed to deliver up to 10,000 hours worth of high-speed drying compared with the 700 hours other styling tools offer. The Babyliss Pro Italia BRAVA is extremely lightweight which makes for comfortable use and has a high power of 2400W to ensure stronger air pressure and faster airflow to ensure you an advanced professional way of drying your hair. It also has 6 speed settings and temperate controls, a turbo and cold shot button. In the box comes the hair dryer and two different sized ultra-slim nozzles along with a removable noise reducing rear filter.


Overall, the Babyliss Pro Italia Brava hair dryer is just fantastic, it has a sleek, glossy black design with a handy little loop on the 2.8m wire so in a salon they can be hooked up to keep everything looking neat and tidy, same goes for when using it in the house. As i said earlier my hair holds lot of water but this hair dryer can dry my hair in about 20 minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes it used to take with my old hairdryer, The Babyliss Italia BRAVA is light weight and also has low vibration’s which makes it quieter and much more comfortable to use, at first £120 seems like a lot of money for a hair dryer but when you weigh up the benefits this hair dryer has, i think its completely worth the investment, especially if you dry your hair a lot!


What hair dryer do you use? Would you splurge on a hair dryer like this?

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