15 ways to feel happier

ways to be happy

Every once in a while we all have those days where everything seems to be going wrong, it’s like the whole world is against you and well lets just say it, it’s basically just a crappy day. So i thought i would list a couple of ways in which you could try to make yourself instantly feel happier! I’m no expert but here is a list of 15 ways to feel happier and hopefully some of these will make you feel happier too!


1. Choose to be happy. It’s easy to fall into the whole negative nelly attitude and be a real downer, so when i begin to feel fed up i try to change my mind set (easier said than done i know) but it’s nicer to think positive thoughts and work towards your goal than dwell on the things which are getting you down.


2. Go outside. Ok so living in the UK this one isn’t always possible unless you want to wear a rain coat and wellies, although sometimes even that can be fun. I find going outside for a walk is a great way to clear your head of any negative thoughts!


3. Tidy up. Is it just me who finds tidying up/organising rather peaceful? tidy house tidy mind and all that. There’s just something about tidying up, clearing out a wardrobe or a cluttered space which really relaxes me which makes me less stressed and more happy.


4. Take a bubble bath. Bubble baths can fix things, if ever your feeling down just dig out your favourite bath bomb or bubble bar and just relax because lets face it bubble baths are awesome.


5. Tick something off your to do list. We all do it, put things off until they build up and build up so take baby steps start ticking some things off, it will make you feel better about yourself.


6. Listen to music. Music is powerful, it has the ability to change your mood in a instant so take a walk or a drive and turn up the music and be THAT person who sings/dances and doesn’t care who sees!


7. Go to that exercise class you keep putting off. Get blood pumping around your body realising those endorphins will boost your mood dramatically.


8. Do a good deed. It’s nice to do things for others, so give to charity, open the door for someone or even just smile at passers by, you never know how the simplest things could make someone else’s day.


9. Buy a new outfit. Clothes = instant happiness right?


10. Laugh. Go out with a friend who always makes you laugh, go out for tea, ice cream or coffee and just have a big catch up and lots of giggles!


11. Reach out to an old friend. As we get older we don’t keep in touch with all our school friends, collage friends or uni friends, so maybe reach out send them a message, comment on one of their pictures, let them know you still think of them.


12. Take funny pictures. Go out with your friends, be silly and take some pictures to remember the night by.


13.  Pamper yourself. Paint your nails or apply some fake tan, all those things you never really get chance to do, make some time and spend the whole night giving yourself some pampering!


14. Watch a film. Grab your duvet, some toffee, ice cream and chocolate make a comfy space on the couch in front of the TV and settle down with a good film which you haven’t watched in a real long time or a new one which you have been excited to watch, and just have a film marathon!


15. Be grateful. Sometimes its easy to take for granted the things that we do have; family, friends and those shoes which you just had to have? Take a look around and be thankful as some people are much worse off than you.

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