Video | Prom Hair & Make Up Inspiration

Prom Makeup and hair
Prom Makeup and hair
Prom Makeup and hair

Today i uploaded a prom hair & makeup inspiration video, it’s been a long time since i attended my prom/leavers doo/end of year ball whatever you like to call it, but for this weeks video i thought i would upload a hair & make up video of what i would do if i had my ‘prom’ this year. As always give the video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it/found it helpful & don’t forget to subscribe!

Also a quick blog update, i plan to be blogging regularly again a little after the bank holiday, so i will keep you updated but for now i am staying quiet on the blogging front until everything is pretty much sorted, but i am still very active on social media so don’t forget to come and say hi over on there, plus i am feeling pretty on top of my youtube scheduling for once! YIPPEEE!

Lots of Love <3


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