My Top 5 Films on Netflix

When it comes to TV i like to think that’s where my speciality’s lie, if I’m not blogging/watching youtube you will probably find my in front of the TV watching Netflix or a new TV drama. So i thought it would be fun so share my top 5 favourite go to films to watch on Netflix, sometimes it can be such a pain to scroll through and find something to watch but once you finally find that special film which suits all the needs you’ve been looking for, you feel such a sense of joy. So with out further ado here are my top 5 films on Netflix.
1. Clueless – So Clueless is the ultimate go to teenage comedy of the 90’s, It’s full of friends, fashion and flip phones! It’s basically about popular girl Cher who is of course Beverly Hill’s most popular student, when she welcomes new student Tai into the group she decides to give her a makeover but when Tai becomes more popular Cher starts to change her ways as she realises a few things along the way. UGH AS IF.

2. Princess Diaries – For me this film with forever have the best soundtrack, i could watch it just to sing along with the music! It’s all about unsuspecting Mia Thermopolis (i always loved saying that name no idea why!) finding out how she is in fact a princess, we see Mia go from dorky teenager to grown up princess when her grandmother the queen turns up to give her “princess lessons.”


3. Freaky Friday – 3 words Chad Michael Murray, how could i not include a film including him? Anyways Freaky Friday is basically about a mother & Daughter who couldn’t be more different. Then at a Chinese restaurant they both receive fortunes which lead them to switching bodies, unable to switch back until they both develop a new sense of respect and understanding for each other.  It’s a pretty uplifting family film!

4. White Chicks – Theres just something about white chicks, no matter what the problem is this film can always manage to make me laugh! Two FBI agent brothers who basically never get anything right, they manage to ruin a drug bust so as there punishment have to escort two socialite bratty sisters to the Hampton’s, that is until that also goes wrong leaving the brothers to dress up and transform into the sisters!

5. Good Burger – I hope I’m not the only one who’s watched this? or love this!? When i found out it was on netflix i was made up! I tried to save the best till last as well this is a Nickelodeon classic it definitely falls under that for me, featuring Kenan & Kel this was one of my favourite films when i was younger it’s all about a burger bar who has a competitor being built across the street bigger and better so good burger has to find a way to fight back! It’s just so stupid & silly its hard not to laugh & love!


So i hope you enjoyed this style of post do let me know if you would like to see more like this? & if your struggling to find something to watch on Netflix i know how hard it can be when you just want something to watch and you can’t find it NOW! Either over the weekend or later tonight you could search for a couple of these! I tired to pick ones which can be watched over and over again!
What is your favourite film? What do you watch on netflix? 

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