Lush Valentines Day Collection

lush valentines day, lush, Valentines day, lush valentines day 2015, through chelsea's eyes,
lush valentines day, lush, Valentines day, lush valentines day 2015, through chelsea's eyes,


Valentines day is something which i will be giving a miss this year, so the Lush Valentines collection is probably something which i should of swerved but who’s to say you can’t enjoy a nice smelling, nice looking, nice relaxing bath on/or the run up to valentines day even if your not participating in the holiday. I say that’s perfectly fine (that’s because I’m guessing that’s what i will be doing!) I didn’t pick up a huge amount and if I’m honest I’m not sure if what i picked up was all apart of the Valentines collection (apart from the obvious red shaped love heart) but nevertheless i will class it as the valentines day collection anyway seeing as its this weekend.
Lush Unicorn Horn: The unicorn horn was the first thing which took my fancy (It’s just so many colours) this is a multicoloured bubble bar, who doesn’t love a bubble bath? & it’s filled with glitter and tiny little stars. I can’t wait to see what this does to my bath water, it also contains lavender and essential oils so i can imagine this leading to a really relaxing bath time!
Lush Heart Throb: Obviously the most Valentines Day looking of them all, Heart Throb is also a bubble bar so again a bath with bubbles, is described as a Bubbleroon (i think this is because it looks like a heart shaped macaroon!) Heart Throb will obviously leave your bath water looking bright red and contains essential oils & organic sheer butter which will leave skin feeling super soft!
Lush Think Pink: A trip to lush wouldn’t be complete with out at least one bath bomb! Now the my rule which has been passed on to me with Lush is anything pink is perfect, so i obviously couldn’t leave this behind. It’s said to leave you surrounded with confetti hearts that slowly melt away, the vanilla scent is just heavenly.
So single or taken, celebrating or not i think we all love a good pamper evening. As i said i don’t think i will be participating in Valentines this year but i have still nice selection of pampering goodies to keep myself pampered for a little while!
Do you have any plans this Valentines Day? Or do you completely hate this holiday? 

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