Video | What i got for christmas 2014

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Hi guys,

First upload of 2015 is here & it’s the what i got for christmas! I am a huge fan of these styles of videos as well i am a really nosey person and i just looove (the kind of love with three o’s looove!) these kind of videos, i think it can really show you alot about a person and what kind of things they really like etc! (Christmas gifts are often picked by those who know us best) So here’s my version, although i am pretty sure watching back i have missed off some presents! – It’s really hard keeping them all together/finding the ones which you have been using to film a video featuring them, so apart from missing a pair of UGGs off i don’t think i did to bad.
If you did a blogpost/video on what you get for Christmas leave the link below i would love to have a nosey :)!

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