Benefit Rockateur Blush Review

Benefit Rockateur Blush, Rose gold blush, blusher, Benefit, Rockateur Blush, through chelsea's eyes, review,
Benefit Rockateur Blush, Rose gold blush, blusher, Benefit, Rockateur Blush, through chelsea's eyes, review,

This is by no means a new product, but you know me i am always pretty much always last to get on the bandwagon! But here i am better late than never… The Benefit Rockateur Blush has been gracing my cheeks for the past couple of months knocking anything i ever used before it right into touch.As always i will start with packaging, it comes in Benefits signature packaging for boxed powders, yes made from cardboard the packaging is not the most slim line, it includes a mirror and a brush (the brush you get included just does not work for me, it is a little too small & stiff) but to be fair all in all the packaging it is pretty handy and hard wearing, I’m not a huge fan of the snake print, lace, chains and stud design but looking past the packaging inside it holds a beautiful shimmery, rose gold piece of blush goodness! This rose gold powder adds a natural, flushed pinched winter cheeks look. The shimmer is only very subtle once applied most of the shimmer disappears leaving you with just a hint of shimmer (so all you ladies who are scared of too much shimmer, don’t be put off) It can be sheer or built up to your desired look, i like to use a fluffy brush to apply just a couple of swirls will do the trick. One of the only things I’m not all that keen on is the scent that comes with this blush, its a little too strong and perfumed for me, but as I’ve said many of times on here smells are not for me.

This is such a beautiful blush and I actually can’t believe it took me so long to try this it out. As you can see from the picture above it gives such a lovely natural hint of rose to the cheeks, I think its great blush to compliment people with fair skin and it does an amazing job at instantly perking up dull looking skin! The only downsides i have found for me, are the scent (but you might love it, head over to a Benefit counter and give it a sniff if your unsure) and the price at £23.50 it is a slightly more pricey blush, but definitely worth the money for the gorgeous colour, that being said when mine sadly runs out/if i ever do lose it (i am a bugger for losing makeup) i will be running out to repurchase!

Have you tried Benefit Rockateur? What is your favourite blush?

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