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Tesco Hudl2* | £129
So todays blogpost is something a little different to a make up review or an outfit post which you’re probably used to on here, its a review on a tablet! Yes its for all you who are like me and into their technology! (I also reviewed the Hudl 2 on my youtube channel so if haven’t already watched that and you would like to, you can scroll down to the bottom the link is there). So first things first ill give you a little bit of basic information about the Hudl 2, they come in 8 different colours so there is basically one to suit everyone and it comes in at £129, which makes this one of the cheapest tablets out there! 
More about the Hudl 2
It has –
  • 8.3″ screen
  • 16GB of internal storage. (which can be increased up to 48GB with an micro sd memory card)
  • Android Kit Kat and Google Play.
  • Fast Dual Band Wifi.
  • Front and back cameras.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Dolby optimised sound
  • Intel quad core processor.
In the box you get a booklet telling you everything you need to know about your Hudl 2 which is straight to the point and really easy to understand (theres nothing worse than a really long boring information book) & little book of treats which has offers up to £60, which is amazing! After spending £129 on a table its a great idea to offer little vouchers inside specially ones which are actually useful! Vouchers include money off blinkbox movies, books, money off Tesco direct, online grocery shopping & a few others. The design of the Hudl 2 is really nice, its light slimline and the perfect size to hold even one handed plus i love how it comes in different colours, its always nice to choose the colour you would like specially if your buying this for a child or younger person. One of the things i really liked about the Hudl 2 was how easy it is to set up this would make it perfect for anyone buying their first tablet! It also comes with parental controls which makes giving the tablet/sharing the tablet with a child that little more relaxing as you know they will be safe, as you have control. You can even limit the amount of time they are allowed to spend on the Hudl itself which is a really nice feature for parents and children. 
The only little downsides i found with the Hudl 2 was the camera’s unfortunately obviously being such a good priced tablet cut backs would have to be made somewhere and i think these have been made on the camera’s, the front facing camera is 1.2MP & the back 5MP now obviously the cameras are still pretty good quality and take perfectly fine pictures/videos in good lighting (although why anyone wants to take pictures with a tablet in public will always baffle me) i would never buy a tablet based on the camera anyway but others just might (its the sort of times we’re in now) i would use the cameras to Sykpe and taking random little pictures and videos probably of my dog & rabbit (that’s just how cool i am) and for that the cameras on the Hudl 2 are good enough quality and wouldn’t put me off buying one, the only other downside for me is the fact once you press the on button it takes a good few seconds to wake up and turn on (its nothing major) I’m just a real impatient person. 
Overall i really love the Hudl 2, as my first ever android i am completely converted. I use my Hudl 2 for listening music, reading books, watching Tv programmes & movies and there’s so much more i can do on it. For £129 i think its a perfect little tablet and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone wanting a tablet or those who have never used a tablet before as it was SO easy and simple to set up and use! What are your thoughts on the Hudl 2? 

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