Review | Eucerin Dermato Clean Mild Cleansing Mild

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Today I’m going to talk about a beautiful little product which has proudly earned its place in my skin care routine! – yes it actually knocked all my other cleansers right off the top spot! My skin as of late has become quite problematic and sensitive so i needed a cleanser which was really kind on the skin while still good and effective at doing its job! So after that little summery on with the review…

The packaging is pretty basic without feeling or looking cheap, everything on the bottle is really clear easy to read which i love! Onto the cleanser itself, it’s quite a thick, silky consistency. I like to use it when my face is slightly damp just applying with a cotton pad, i find it with my face damp massages in really nicely. Next up the smell, the smell is something which is abit meh, it just has a slight plastic-y smell that’s the best i can describe it as but i don’t find it too bad at all if I’m honest. Overall it does a lovely job at cleansing my face and leaving my skin feeling moisturised (i just love how moisturised it leaves my skin feeling after use) – if i have a full face of makeup it removes it with ease which is always a big win! So if your after a new cleanser which is a really good price then i think this may be for you!

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