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tips and tricks, tips, look less tired, tips for looking less tired, through chelsea's eyes,

I think being tired starts to creep up on everyone of us at some point in our lives, work gets on top of us, we take on a little too much, or just all those late nights tend to just take there tole. Recently i joined forces with Time4Sleep and we thought it would be a great idea to share little ways in which we can cover up and hide the fact of being tired! I can honestly say since accepting this challenge i have been absolutely exhausted, there has been so much going on that i really needed this little pamper box of handy tricks to look less tired a lot! So I’ve really put it all to the test!
tips and tricks, tips, look less tired, tips for looking less tired, through chelsea's eyes,
Another thing I must hold my hand up to: I have a terrible sleeping pattern to begin with, i have to sleep with my TV on which i know is a big NO NO on all ‘how to relax and sleep better’ articles, but that is just me if my TV switches off unless I’m long gone in the land of nod, i wake up … Strange huh? Another thing i find myself doing a lot is waking up though out the night but i have found there is a couple of things which i can do do help ever so slightly: if i have a nice relaxing bath or shower before its time for bed i fall asleep much quicker and this helps me to actually stay asleep through out the night, also wearing the eye mask (pictured above) really helps me to relax, it makes the room pitch black plus it’s fragranced with lavender seeds which i find really soothing, it also helps me fall asleep much quicker which obviously results in me looking far less tried when i wake up in the morning. 
Obviously sometimes we can’t always get a good nights sleep so that’s when its time to pull out all the tricks to help cover up and hide our tiredness! One product i have found handy for helping my tired eyes is the Dr Organic Aloe Vera Eye Gel, it is infused with Cucumber, Eyebright and Witch Hazel and i have found it to be really soothing and refreshing when used early in a morning, it really makes my eyes feel so awake very quickly! Once my eyes feel more awake i begin my make up routine which you can watch in the video below all the products i use are things which i find help me look more awake and less tired, one product which i have been finding particularly helpful for tried eyes is the Healthy Mix Eclat & Anti Fatigue concealer it just helps make my eyes look less tired plus make up artist’s Jenni Shaw & Erika Swinn recommend it. 
What are your tips for a good nights sleep? How do you keep from looking tired?

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