Birthday Wish List 2014

Birthday Wish List 2014


Asos Dress | Nike Air Max Thea | Origins Drink up Mask | Nike Sports Bra | Canon 40mm Lens | Zoeva Rose Gold Set | YSL Lipstick | Harry Potter World | Grafea Backpack | Nike Air Max TheaSo my birthday is this week, on Thursday i will be 22 years young. Yes i like to say years young so i don’t feel too old as i don’t like the thought of getting further and further into my 20-somethings! So as a tradition i thought i would make a little wish list of things i have been lusting after for my birthday (specially because I’m not allowed to tell Adam, as he likes to surprise me!.. So if he reads it on here that’s his fault right?)

So i think the first thing i would love is to go to the Harry Potter Tour,  I am a huge huge huge Harry Potter fan. Yes i practically watch it at least once a week and i still haven’t been to the tour in London, so i think that would be super fun – Next obviously if you follow me on twitter you will probably hear me bang on about really wanting to try start getting fit which obviously means gym, running etc – so for that and owning a beauty/fashion blog i obviously need to have fancy matching gym gear and i have been just loving the Nike Air Max Thea trainers they have black and orange ones which i just can’t choose between so i decided to throw them both on as well it is my birthday! Sticking to the blog theme, the next thing i have been looking at is the 40mm lens i have seen a couple of bloggers using this and i really like the look of it and i am really enjoying my canon camera so i would love to get into learning what different lenses do for my photographs!

Next up are a couple of beauty and fashion bits, i do run a beauty and fashion blog after all… so i have been looking at the Zoeva rose gold set lets face it, its just a beautiful set of brushes! Enough said. The Origins drink up face mask keeps catching my eye, my skin is always so dry and this mask just sounds so hydrating and just what i need! So hopefully i can get my hands on it soonish, and last beauty product is a lipstick who doesn’t love a luxurious lipstick? i have been looking at all sorts of colours pinks, oranges & reds! And last but not least is 2 little fashion items, one is a gorgeous Asos dress i have seen on Zoella, i love smock style dresses and the dusty pink of this dress and the style just sells it to me! So yes i am in love with this dress, and the last is a little bit of wishful thinking, but i have been obsessed with backpacks i love my little white primark one but i would be made up with a Grafea backpack, i just love how it has a pink stripe down the middle!

So that’s it a little run though of my Birthday wish list! Is it any of your birthdays this month? What have you asked for?

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