Video | How To: Halo Braid/Milkmaid braid.

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Before spring is over you are probably going to be sick of this hair style, outfit posts will be mostly shot wearing this hair style as well it is super easy, simple and stylish and basically perfect for spring! I just love absolutely everything about it, how it takes less than 5 minutes to do, how it looks like its really complicated yet it is probably the most simple hairstyle ever, and the fact that all your hair is out your way, while looking really pretty! I think they are also known as a milk maid braid and a crown braid, i like to call it a halo braid its the easiest of all three! – although if I’m wrong, sorry! 
I have been loving filming hair tutorials lately, so if there is any hairstyles you would like to get the low down on or any other videos you would like me to film feel free to leave me a request in the comments, as always don’t forget to give the video a big thumbs up and subscribe!


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