Video | Get Ready With Me Naked 3 Palette

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Hello Everyone,

Sticking with this morning post, i have been on track & got my first video of 2014 edited & published! i  just feel so darn proud of myself! Its a get ready with me video, using one of my Christmas presents, From my amazingly gorgeous friend Tash from Itssimplybeauty, you should of already guessed it by now.. Yes that’s right its the Naked 3 Palette! – eeeeeek! I do have a in dept blog post coming up of this which i am probably already way to late and they’re probably so many already but that’s just tough… I’m going to throw my two cent in there when i finally get some good natural light to take the swatches! (this weather lately is just terrible)
So enough rambling about the gorgeous naked 3 palette, Hope you enjoy my new video give it a big thumbs up if you do & please do subscribe to my channel! <3 

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