Hello 2014

2013 has now left us, and all whats left to do now is look back on all the fun times it has given us, make new years resolutions and welcome 2014 with open arms! 2013 was the year i became a grown up, literally…Yes i turned 21. It was the last of big birthdays for me and well 21 just seem much more grown up to say than 20, don’t you agree? although i still look like a 12 year old and get asked for id when buying a lottery ticket.. and laugh at the shock on peoples faces when they say and have you left school this time? er no I’m 21! – Its all good i suppose ill thank my lucky stars later in life for that one :)
Also i think 2013 for me was one of trying to be more out there, i tried new things which was totally not me. I went to the creamfields festival with all my friends (very last minute decision might i add) and i had an amazing time! It was fun and not as scary as i first imagined a festival being, although some of the things which i saw there will forever be imprinted in my brain! Next i went to Farmageddon which is so unlike me, i hate things which scare me on purpose, I don’t find it fun! Plus i drove there.. why did i drive myself into a trap of something scary! But i will admit it was quite fun and i did enjoy myself a lot!   
Towards the end of 2013, my little rabbit skippy took a turn for the worst and became really really poorly, which wasn’t nice, he in pet hospital for quite a few days but luckily now he’s back to he’s usual fun loving self, skipping around! As always my Dog is here begging for me to take him to my nan’s (he loves to go visit her) some things just don’t change.
Now the only thing whats left is to tell you my New years resolutions, I thought long and hard this year, because well i want to make some which i know i won’t break and which mean something to me. So here goes, This year i am going to try my best to stop worrying about things i have no control over. (although i see this being a big fail already, sorry) I am a huge worrier, and i need to learn that me worrying still won’t change the outcome of someone else’s actions, they need to do that of their own accord. But either way i am going to give this ago and try my best. 
Next up on my list is kind of a two in one resolution it is to try and improve my blog and youtube while keeping organised and on top of them both, In 2013 i really enjoyed the youtube side of my blog, although i found it hard to edit, blog, film and keep everything running like clock work so this year i am going to try and keep everything running smoothly and make sure i am doing everything to the best of my ability! – no slacking. no excuses! My last resolution is to keep up with the fashion side of my blog, i really enjoy doing the fashion side, i just find it difficult with having no nice place to picture inside so having to photograph all my outfits outside means my fashion posts are restricted to when the weather is playing nice! – it can be quite difficult and cold during the colder months! 
so they are my resolutions! whats yours? i would love to hear them :) 
Happy New Year Everyone! <3 

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