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Hey Guys,

So just a nice short post for you today, as well I’m pretty busy with last minute christmas shopping, wrapping presents and so on,  at this rate I’ll still be shopping Christmas Eve let this be a lesson to me never leave everything to the last minute! Does anyone else find themselves always on the last minute? Anyway It’s like nearing the end of December and i have just realised i have not introduced you to my new winter bob hat! I haven’t had a new hat for like 3 years, so i when i saw this cute little hat in Urban Outfitters i was like ‘THIS IS MY NEW HAT’ after three long years with the same hat i finally have a new one, yey!
I love the grey marl fabric along with the contrast neon pink bobble top, as soon as i tried it on i just love how it fitted and i just could not leave the shop without it! (and i do apologise for the silly face i am pulling in one of my pictures, these sort of things just happen when i sit in front of a camera!)

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