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elf, elf HD blush encore, pink blush, review, through chelsea's eyes,


elf, elf HD blush encore, pink blush, review, through chelsea's eyes,
Elf Hd Blush – £3.75*

Hello Everyone,

Ive never actually used liquid blush before, i always find it scary and well even cream blush makes me panic slightly.. I’m not too sure why i think it has something to do with when i spend a long time on my makeup i don’t want a silly thing like using a liquid/cream blush ruining that and making me look like a bit of a clown.. silly i know.First things first, the Elf packaging is nice and simple, you can see the colour of the product and it comes with a easy pump to dispense the liquid product, what more can we want? next thing you need to know is a little product goes a really long way – i learnt this the really hard way the first time i used this, i didn’t quite realise exactly how highly pigmented it actually is and well lets just say i had two really pink rosy cheeks! After learning this i tried again, and again until finally it worked out pretty well and i figured out how best to use it… i use it by dispensing a tiny amount of product onto the back of my hand then apply to my face using my Elf stippling brush* and just work that into my cheeks, the key is to blend blend blend – Although i did find i had to act pretty fast at blending as it drys quite quickly, but as it is super pigmented it lasts the whole day! – so that’s a plus point!

If I’m really honest it is a time consuming product to use but for the pay off, and a product which lasts the whole day, i would say its totally worth it. At only £.3.75 you get quite a lot of product for the amount you need to use to see great results and well they are just a really great buy!

Whats your favourite Elf product?

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