Review || Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Dry Skin

nivea, nivea in shower body moisturiser, body moisturiser, moisturiser, dry skin, review, through chelseas eyes,
nivea, nivea in shower body moisturiser, body moisturiser, moisturiser, dry skin, review, through chelseas eyes,

Hello Everyone,

So I’m pretty sure you will of all heard about this by now, but i thought i would throw in my two cents as well, it really intrigued me! Being a lover of my false tan all year round its only natural and well basic ‘tan knowledge’ to know that to keep your tan looking good and lasting longer is to keep your skin well moisturised! Now I do have quite dry skin to begin with and well i can tend to be quite lazy when it comes to moisturising so when i saw the Nivea TV advert, a body moisturiser which you used in the shower i was mind blown! – I love anything which saves me time and takes minimal effort! 
When i first bought myself this and i got home, the first thing i wanted to do was to take a shower? oh what little things excite us eh!? but its true, its a moisturiser which you use in the shower. I really wanted to see if how it worked! So what you do is you go ahead and use your usual soap/shower gel to wash and then afterwards you get to work with the moisturiser it comes out a thick white cream, feels exactly like a moisturiser not a shower gel and is said to be activated by the water. Crazy i know! I tend to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off just to give it a few more minutes to sink into the skin, once rinsed off my skin does feel softer and more moisturised, the only thing which i dislike is the fact that it gets no sort of lather to it, it just seems abit flat. I don’t know why i expected it to lather up as it isn’t a shower gel but i just thought it would of felt a little nicer to apply with some kind of creamy lather. 
I still find myself totally mind blown when using this but i go ahead and still use it anyway, I’m not too sure whether I’m fully convinced with this product but it does make shower time a more pleasant experience, and my skin does appear softer and more comfortable. – and it passes the tan test!
I would be fully sold if it just had that little bit of a lather, but it wont stop me using it, i think i will continue to purchase this, at only £3.56 it’s kinda hard to fault when you get all the benefits and effects of moisturising without the extra time added onto your day for such a reasonable price. 

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